Course Instructor

Human Capital and Education in the Economy

Course Evaluation: mean student rating = 4.6/5 (median = 5/5)

Lectures: Statistics Review; Linear Regression; Multiple Regression; Education for Masses; Race Between Education and Technology; Causal Inference Intro; IV and Diff-in-Diff; Returns to Education; Duflo (2001) Review; Non-pecuniary Returns to Education; Racial Achievement Gaps

Teaching Assistant

Awards: I recieved the Economics Teaching Assistant award in 2020 and was also nominated for a tri-campus TA award in 2013.

Applied Econometrics I: Cross-Sectional Data

Tutorials: Statistics Review; Simple Linear Regression; Multiple Linear Regression; Hypothesis Testing; Asymptotics; Indicators and Interactions; Heteroscedasticity; Instrumental Variables; 2SLS

Applied Econometrics II: Time Series and Panel Data

Tutorials: Measurement Error; Simultaneous Equations; Time Series Intro; Seasonality and Stationarity; Time Series Transformations; Unit Root and Cointegeration; Panel Data Intro; Fixed Effects; Binary Response Models; Tobit Model; Truncation and Censoring; Sample Selection

Matlab, R, and Stata Programming for Economists

Repository with Data Analysis Coding Tutorials